Start Small, Think Big

Learn about the “start small, think big” approach that NETGEAR’s Documentation team used when moving from an unstructured Frame authoring environment to a DITA XML authoring environment. Lisa Pampuch focuses on the business case for making the change and the reasons for the start-small approach and discusses the additional deliverables that her team is producing thanks to the move to DITA. She also discusses DITA integration with NETGEAR’s Localization team. 

What can the audience expect to learn?

The “start small, think big approach” that Lisa’s team took to moving to a DITA authoring environment should be very helpful to other companies who are thinking about moving to DITA but are worried about an “all-at-once” approach.

Meet the presenters

Lisa Pampuch

Lisa Pampuch is Senior Group Manager, Documentation at NETGEAR, Inc. Her team is responsible for creating all product documentation for the networking products that NETGEAR sells to its consumer, service provider, and small-to-medium business customers. She brings her passion for effective communication to her role, in which she builds and leads highly efficient teams that produce clear, consistent, reusable, brand-enhancing content. Her goal is to fulfill customer and business needs, meet deadlines, and stay within budget by developing content strategies that increase efficiency without sacrificing quality. Lisa’s background in journalism, technical editing, technical writing, and customer support informs and inspires her work.


Alex Masycheff

AlexMasycheffAlex Masycheff is a co-founder and CEO of Intuillion ( that develops simple, elegant still powerful solutions for managing and automating DITA.

Overall, Alex has been developing solutions for authoring, organizing, structuring, publishing, and managing content for over 20 years. Prior to founding Intuillion, Alex has served as XML architect, DITA trainer, and product manager helping small and big companies implement XML-based solutions, migrate legacy content, and choose the right tools.


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