Presentation Abstract

Khushwant and Talwar explain how they used scripts to automate moving from a non-optimized, customized DITA framework to pure DITA to achieve multi-channel publishing, responsive content, and whole lot of other possibilities we have today.

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What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees learn how automation can cut down the costs of content migration from one system to another by 75%. Lessons learned include the right migration approaches and the common roadblocks and stumbling blocks in content migration.

Included is a “Getting Started” section to help budding scriptwriters understand the roadmap for starting scripting with sample problems, small programs to start with, and sample repetitive tasks that are perfect for automation.

Meet the Presenters

Khushwant Singh

Male SilhouetteKhushwant is Content and Community Lead with Adobe Systems India. He is an Engineer by education and a programming writer by profession. Khushwant is passionate about technology and feels most problems in life can be solved with the right application of scripting.

When not working, Khushwant passes his free time by writing Android apps.



Gyanesh Talwar

Male Silhouette

Gyanesh Talwar is a Senior Content and Community Lead at Adobe India. Gyanesh is deeply interested in DITA and has presented in various conferences in India and internationally about DITA.





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