Ahoy Mateys!
Let’s explore Adobe’s new enterprise-class DITA CCMS based on Adobe Experience Manager

Explore the new DITA CCMS from Adobe built on top of the market-leading CMS, Adobe Experience Manager, by participating in an exciting treasure hunt. Wade through the content labyrinth with industry-leading digital asset management capabilities to find relevant content faster. Put together content using the easy-to-use web-based DITA editor. Collaborate effortlessly with peers using the web-based review and annotation tool. And finally put the content together in a publication to unlock the treasure!!

Meet the presenter

Juhee Garg is a Product Manager at Adobe Systems, India, where she manages the XML Documentation Add-On for Adobe Experience Manager. She is responsible for product strategy & roadmap. She has 18 years of experience working in technology and product roles. Prior to joining Adobe, she co-founded OysterConnect.com, and held engineering roles in Cisco Systems & Cadence Design Systems. She holds a Bachelors in Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

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