Strategies for Improving Your DITA Authoring Experience

You’re implementing DITA, but worried about the complexities of the standard and the challenges of using a new authoring tool and environment. How can you make the transition easier? How can you ensure consistency? How do you control what your authors can and can’t do? In this presentation, Brianna compares and contrasts methodologies for enhancing and controlling your DITA authoring environment, including authoring tool configurations, templates, subject scheme enumerations, Schematron rules and quick fixes, constraints, and specializations.

What can the audience expect to learn?

In addition to presenting the types of controls that can be implemented, Brianna will also discuss the capabilities, limitations, and relative difficulty of each method. She will provide attendees with a clear picture of the pros and cons of each method and strategies for using them in concert to create the ideal authoring environment for your team.

Meet the presenter

Brianna Stevens joined Comtech as a Consultant in 2015 and immediately became an expert in creating and implementing DITA constraints. Brianna’s design education gives her unique insight into visualizing the content challenges facing our customers. Her outgoing personality puts people at ease, making her an ideal consultant to involve in user and benchmark studies and competitive analyses. In addition to consulting, Brianna does graphic design for the CIDM and Comtech websites, advertisements, and publications.

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