Crossing the Chasm: Best practices for technology change

Many organizations see the “shiny new toy” from a software vendor and feel that all of their problems will be solved if they just implement their software. Inevitably there is disappointment and anger when technology doesn’t fix the core business issue(s) and the chasm between needs and capabilities remains. The problem is not the technology per se, but the process that relied on it. In this presentation the audience will be presented with a content philosophy and lifecycle that utilizes feedback to learn how to identify what’s not working and how to address the root causes that are preventing attainment of business goals.

What can the audience expect to learn?

In this presentation you’ll learn best practices for developing a repeatable process that can help information managers know when, what and how to evolve. Evolution is a process that must be repeated to continually address new business goals in changing corporate landscapes.

Meet the presenter

Don Bridges has been involved in the technical information lifecycle for 20+ years. He’s worked with companies in multiple industries helping them adapt processes and technology to meet business challenges. He was involved in some of the earliest large-scale DITA conversion projects and implementing technology that introduced single-source delivery and authoring at a corporate level.

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