What’s in a number? Measuring content reuse

Content reuse is at the heart of DITA. It’s one of the main reasons companies look at moving into a structured topic-based environment. The reasons for content reuse is clear when a company focuses on consistency and ensuring a better customer experience. But how can content reuse be measured accurately in a DITA system containing thousands of topics and hundreds of products? What assumptions need to be made about the content to calculate an accurate reuse figure? Wayne explores the different methods and tools he has used to answer both these questions.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Find out how easy it can be to calculate reuse of DITA content and learn about the assumptions that need to be considered when making any reuse calculation. See what was initially reported, why that wasn’t the best option, and how we now report reuse. The lessons the CPG team within ARM learned are lessons that every company, big or small, can consider when reporting reuse statistics.

Meet the presenter

Wayne is the Product Information Architect for the Cores Processor Group (CPG) at ARM. The CPG team is responsible for all processor specific documentation across ARM’s multiple processor lines. He has worked with DITA for more than 12 years and continues to take an active part in the Central Texas DITA Users Group.

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