KeysNow: Using keys and scoped keys at ServiceNow

ServiceNow is ramping up our reuse strategy as the next phase of our DITA journey. We cover 3+ different versions of software in our product documentation, with about 10K topics per release. Keys and scoped keys are crucial to our success. We present an overview of keys and scoped keys and detail how they are used at ServiceNow.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn from a picture-perfect use case for keys and scoped keys that clearly breaks down the components in easy-to-understand examples.

You can expect to leave with concrete examples of how keys and scoped keys can enhance reuse and understand enough about the structure of how to use keys in content to try them for yourself.

Meet the presenter

Dawn is an information architect at ServiceNow. She spends her days supporting and improving the content and the documentation tool chain. Prior to ServiceNow, Dawn spent over 20 years as a manager and technical content developer for documentation, training, and technical support.


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