Adapting GitFlow Branching and Merging to the Release Management of Content

Git has become the most widely used version control system, and the GitFlow branching methodology has had significant impact on software release management in recent years. Compared to other systems, Git encourages branching and can simplify merging. GitFlow has become popular by providing simple rules for when to branch and workflows for parallel feature development, maintenance updates, and recording release history.

We look at adapting GitFlow to solve challenges of content release management across multiple publications, concurrent editions, collections of products, and assessment item banks. It enables multiple streams of work in parallel, addresses issues like linking to specific versions of documents and three-way merging, allows and even encourages comparing content between product versions or active branches, and reveals some benefits of treating merging as a team activity. And we look at an implementation using features in Componize CCMS along with DeltaXML DITA Compare.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Explore how the GitFlow methodology of branching and merging can address some specific challenges with content release management.

Meet the presenter

Chad Crume is Director of Content Management at The BARBRI Group, the leader in helping law students prepare for the bar exam and improving legal learning across the profession. Chad’s career has focused on the intersection of educational technology, digital publishing, and professional content practices. He’s architected a wide range of applications and platforms with a focus on content-centric and learning products, and has led creative and production teams through strategic process transformations.

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