Passport to your future DITA/CCMS implementation

Moving to a DITA/CCMS authoring environment is a massive paradigm shift, and planning content restructure and reuse in this unfamiliar world can be challenging. It is a bit like preparing to move to another country – a visit can show you so much more than any number of books or movies! Join me for a guided tour, and get a taste of how to analyse your content and prepare it for the big move.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Using real-life case studies, learn about analysing content to prepare it for migration. Analysis includes mapping your current content to DITA, identifying opportunities for reuse, tools for maximizing reuse even when content must diverge, and the best point in the project to implement the different strategies.

Meet the presenter

Sharon Figueira has 19 years’ experience as a technical communications professional, with two major DITA migrations under her belt – for Ericsson and Kodak. She was a member of the Ericsson DITA/CCMS global transformation team, where she worked on mapping legacy content to DITA, testing, and piloting the new environment. Sharon then played a key role in migrating 14,000 objects to the new Ericsson environment, with a strong focus on reuse.

Sharon recently joined IXIASOFT, a leader in the content management software industry.


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