DITA moves into the medical insurance industry

The medical insurance industry is not known for using DITA. Hear the story of an implementation of DITA and a DITA CCMS at a medical insurance company. The challenges were new and different. But many of the same problems encountered can also be found in most other DITA implementations.

The existing workflow was deeply based on Microsoft Word, enforced by government regulation. Authors had never heard of DITA, knew nothing about XML editors, and had to move from their existing file-system-based document management to an entirely different CCMS document control. PDF output on the public website was required to be Section 508 compatible (accessibility), and amazingly enough, the company also wanted to use CSS to generate PDFs instead of XSL-FO.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Receive detailed information on how real problems were solved in a DITA implementation. Learn the kinds of things that were encountered and solved in implementing DITA in a new area of business. See an example of the flexibility of DITA in new environments.

Meet the presenter

Mark Giffin is a consultant for Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc. He implements, maintains, and improves structured documentation systems. He participates on the DITA technical committee as a member of the Lightweight DITA subcommittee, helping to develop a simplified version of DITA. A former Fine Arts major, he loves birds, trees, motorcycle racing, and reading.


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