Track your package requirement

Requirements tracking is a common requirement in regulated industries, such as medical devices, aviation, and financial services. In these industries, the product, including any manuals or online help, must match a documented set of requirements. Before the product can be released, approvers must both verify each requirement (confirmed that it has been fulfilled) and validate it (confirmed that fulfillment can be repeated). A variety of options are available in DITA for tracking these requirements, and it can be a challenge to determine what to do. This presentation demonstrates an end-to-end solution for managing requirements in DITA source. Starting from some example requirements drawn from the medical device industry, tracking data will be added to DITA source, then published for review.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Audience members will leave this presentation with a practical solution for storing requirements data in DITA content and publishing that data to support verification and validation processes.

Meet the presenter

Robert Johnson is currently lending DITA expertise to EBSCO Health as they convert content from a proprietary XML schema to DITA. Previously, he led the DITA conversion and CCMS acquisition at a medical device company, which provides the basis of his presentation.  His experience includes more than fifteen years as a technical writer for software companies supporting supply chain management, auto rentals, web content management, and public works project management.  He has ten years of experience with DITA, and fifteen years of experience with structured writing and modular writing.  He is currently participating in his third CCMS acquisition.

Robert previously presented at DITA North America on publishing accessible HTML from DITA.

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