Content Management on zero budget: DITA For small teams

Small teams getting started with DITA face the practical challenge of how to manage their content before they can justify the investment in a commercial CCMS through the savings and value that DITA will bring to them. The DITA For Small Teams (DFST) project addresses that challenge by providing a loose collection of open-source tools that, together, provide the basic services that a DITA writing team needs. Using Docker technology, DFST provides a download-and-use DITA-aware authoring, management, and production environment at zero initial cost. The focus of the DFST project is an open-source DITA-aware link management server that provides the DITA-specific management features that complements the other open-source components. While the DFST project provides a pre-configured set of tools, it also demonstrates a more general approach to using whatever tools are the best fit to meet local authoring, management, production, and delivery requirements.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Lean how to manage DITA source using free open-source tools when budgets are small. Also learn about general approaches to DITA link management and reporting.

Meet the presenter

Eliot Kimber is a founding and active member of the DITA Technical Committee. He has been working with structured markup for more than 30 years. Eliot is also a co-editor of the HyTime standard. Eliot currently focuses on the application of DITA to the business challenges of Publishers. Eliot is the founder and principal developer of the open-source DITA for Publishers project. Eliot lives and works with his family in Austin, Texas.


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