Amp up your XMetaL Authoring!

No matter what tools you use, there are always going to be tiresome tasks and irksome actions. With XMetaL Author, you can use the power of customization to master the monotonous! Join us for a “tips and tricks” session in which you get to try out several ways to improve your authoring experience. We’ll cover techniques including: how to create and edit new-document template, how to update the style sheets that determine how text is displayed in the editor, and how to write script macros to add new functionality to the tool. We’ll guide you to try out everything yourself on your own copy of XMetaL.

What can the audience expect to learn?

All script examples will be provided, so you do NOT need to know how to be a programmer to benefit from this session! These techniques all work with any version of XMetaL. If you already have XMetaL installed on your laptop, you can use whatever version you have. For other folks, we will provide a trial copy of XMetaL Author Enterprise 11.

Meet the presenter

Tom Magliery has been an evangelist for XML and structured authoring for over 20 years. For much of that time, he has been a member of the XMetaL team, serving as sales engineer, professional services engineer, support specialist, trainer, and webinar and conference presenter. In short, he’s willing to wear whatever hat is necessary at any given time. He is also active as XMetaL’s representative to and currently co-secretary of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.


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