Navigating the Challenges of Cross-Functional Collaboration in a DITA + CCMS Environment

Designing and implementing a DITA + content management environment for a product documentation group can be daunting in its own right. Adding another functional organization to a DITA ecosystem introduces even more challenges—some obvious and others not as easy to anticipate or manage. Based on a recent initiative at ADP, we provide real-life, practical examples and suggestions related to expanding a DITA + CCMS environment to include other organizations, including groups that might have significantly different audiences, content types, and delivery channels. We’ll take a look at specific challenges that the members of one team at ADP faced as they defined a cross-functional project and collaboration, adapted their content strategy and architecture, facilitated culture change, and established governance models.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Attendees will gain insight into things to consider when expanding a DITA + CCMS implementation cross-functionally, what worked/didn’t work for ADP, how ADP recovered when things didn’t work, and what challenges still remain for ADP.

Meet the presenter

Toni Mantych describes her professional purpose and passion as “Solving client problems with content, and content problems with technology.” She is currently Director, Technical Project and Portfolio Management at ADP. In that role, she oversees content strategy and architecture projects and leads the Information Architecture and Content Strategy team for the Information Development Services group (IDS). Over the last 5 years, she has spearheaded the adoption of DITA and component content management within IDS and ADP. She has taught numerous courses in the graduate Technical and Professional Communications program at Portland State University and speaks regularly at content industry conferences.


Sue Blaisdell has spent her career in content development as an editor, writer, and information architect. She is an experienced and enthusiastic DITA advocate, having worked in the architecture for over 10 years ago. She led DITA and CCMS implementations at Avaya before joining the Information Architecture and Content Strategy team in ADP’s Information Development Services group (IDS).

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