Make the World Smaller: Content Re-Use between Geographically Dispersed Teams

Companies have engineering and manufacturing teams distributed throughout the globe. Our content-developing colleagues work in geographically different locations. Illustrators have work sites all over the world. Some of us work for managers we have never met face-to-face. Yet, we are charged to create high-quality, re-usable content that excites our customers by meeting their needs and taking them to competencies they may not have expected. Using a strategy that engages development teams early in the process and that charts a process of organization, standardization, and collaboration, re-use can be maximized. The process begins with daring to be experts in our customers, our products, and our craft.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Ray explores the challenges and the successes that come with creating re-usable content over the documentation life-cycle. Emphasizing engagement and collaboration, Ray provides proven tactics for working with subject-matter experts and dispersed documentation team members.

Meet the presenter

Ray Sedlock has over 30 years of experience in content development, training, and content management. Ray has worked in military, medical, and high-tech environments, developing hardware, software, and end-user documentation. He currently functions as a team leader, integrating multiple publication components into single-source publications to support centralized documentation in the newly formed Dell EMC group.

When Ray is not writing technical documentation, he can be found at the gym, pampering his wife, or bouncing his two grandchildren—Brooks and Chase on his knees.

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