DITA: How to Create, Review, and Publish in the Cloud!

We’ve heard that in techcomm the ideal workflow is one where managers, developers, writers, and consumers work together to create ‘perfect’ content to solve business problems. It’s tricky to identify all the pieces and make it work. See it live and participate during this session!

Christopher Ward will walk you through the plan for product documentation (what goes into it, how it is organized), and then allow you to contribute during the review process as the he works feverishly to ensure your ideas are captured, content is edited, and then published to multiple outputs.

See the scramble, and the solutions, to getting “just-in-time” content out the door.

Participate and be a moving part of a cloud based documentation project that comes together to create content in a shared workspace, with collaboration between teams, and quality finished materials delivered the way the audience wants them. On time, on budget, and on any device!

Meet the presenter

Christopher Ward, Director of Sales at WebWorks, specializes in helping small teams accomplish big things by better aligning departmental processes with overall company strategies. Christopher’s experience in strategy development began as an Analyst for U.S. Army Intelligence and then later moved in to the corporate world when working for Dell computers. For over the last four years he has been working for Webworks and enjoying getting to know the Technical Communications Industry. His diverse experiences allow Christopher to recognize untapped potential in a company’s overall business strategy and help them achieve that potential.


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