Create DITA without even knowing it

One of the main hurdles with DITA adoption is the time, expense, and emotional fortitude required to rollout a new technology. DITA is a robust markup language that allows for some pretty cool stuff, but it doesn’t mean that Jeff in Engineering needs to learn it in order to contribute to the team. In this Test Kitchen, we will look at the ways in which Xeditor allows your team to create DITA without even knowing it.

Meet the presenter

Anthony Apodaca has worked in the US and internationally as an advocate of XML technologies, structured content, and publishing methodologies for the past ten years. He thrives in distilling complex processes, tools, and workflows into something simple and manageable, without compromising the integrity of the end product. For the past six years he has performed and taught theatrical improvisation in New York City and Seattle. He holds a BA and MA in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University and an MSt in Jewish Studies from the University of Oxford. Currently, he drives business development at Xpublisher, focusing on integrating and evolving their intuitive authoring platform, Xeditor.


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