Instant human translation services for the digital world

In today’s digital economy, content is becoming smaller, more fragmented, and in need of on-demand translation around the clock. Although recent development methodologies such as DITA have improved source content creation efficiency, much of the translation process still relies on the old localization model where clunky and static documents are translated one by one, usually in days or weeks. However, the world’s digital transformation has radically changed basic customer expectations about turnaround time. Fast delivery is no longer a matter of weeks or days; it’s now minutes and seconds. This is why legacy localization models are no longer sufficient in meeting these always-on and very fast translation requirements. Agile translation services like Stepes are born for the digital age and deliver localization quality, speed, and scalability using the modern networked service model. Stepes’ mobile centric solutions allow automatic human translation of DITA content on a topic level and in real-time.

What can the audience expect to learn?

In an ever-globalizing world where translation accuracy and speed is paramount, customer expectations for turnaround times have never been more important. Professionals will learn how localization services like Stepes can deliver translation speed and scalability (rivaling that of machine translation), but with human quality. Stepes’ mobile technology allows instant human translation services for today’s digital content.

Meet the presenter

Emma Kang is CSOFT’s Business Development Director in west coast. Located in Los Angeles, Emma focuses on assisting clients to establish and deploy localization-friendly content strategies. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new technologies and reading.

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