What is a DITA Style Guide and Why Do I Need One?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz about DITA style guides–from webinar presentations to DITA-Users threads. Despite all the talk about DITA style guides, there seems to be a shortage of information about them. Many helpful books on the subject are available, including Tony Self’s The DITA Style Guide Best Practices for Authors, but these books primarily offer general advice and generic best practices. A custom DITA style guide documents your DITA architecture and strategy and is a valuable resource for your organization. Over the past 10 years, Deb has developed several DITA style guides and will share some useful and practical tips for creating a custom DITA style guide for your organization.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Deb explains the importance of creating a custom DITA style guide, who will benefit from the guide, and what information is included in the guide. She will share examples and provide tips for creating and maintaining a DITA style guide.

Meet the presenter

Deb Bissantz is the sole writer for the Technical Communications group at Healthwise. Deb’s technical writing experience includes online help development and product guides. Her experience includes more than 10 years authoring with DITA. Her previous responsibilities include CCMS administration, structured template maintenance, WebWorks ePublisher stationery maintenance, and training. Currently, Deb is developing a DITA style guide for the medical content team as Healthwise converts their consumer medical content to DITA.

Deb is a voting member of the DITA Technical Committee. She co-authored the DITA 1.2 Feature Article: “Roles and Responsibilities of a DITA Adoption.”

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