It’s an Agile World—How to continuously ship documentation

More and more software products deliver new features on a daily basis. But it is not just a fast delivery cycle. We also have to deal with two other challenges: Features might be omitted from the software shipment at literally the last minute. And customers might get different software variants with specific features.

The software side uses feature flags to handle the variations. What can we do on the documentation side? For the DITA CMS, we’ve developed an agile process for flexible shipment of feature documentation. The DITA CMS mirrors the software feature flags. And authors use them to generate documentation variants that reflect the software variants, a benefit for the customer: They get documentation that’s tailored for their software variant.

What can the audience expect to learn?

We show how the documentation creation process allows a group of authors to work flexibly on different new features in a project. The authors use feature-flag profiling to create variants of the feature documentation. Based on software feature flagging, the build process generates the relevant output for the different software variants.

Meet the presenter

Carsten Brennecke is User Assitance Architect in the central User Assistance Strategy & Services team at SAP since more than 15 years. He has a strong background and long years of experience in info architecture and coordination of large software documentation sets as well as DITA-based documentation creation.



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