Using Automation and APIs to simplify the delivery and maintenance of content

Delivering content in a large enterprise usually means that customers and stakeholders may be limited to a small set of options or features. We’ve created an infrastructure that supports many different outputs and delivery channels to satisfy our users’ needs. However, this approach has also led to challenges with respect to testing, maintenance, and support. During this presentation we will discuss and demo some of the new content types we’ve created and how we’ve simplified our approach to testing and delivery without affecting our ability to deliver in scale.

What can the audience expect to learn?

During this session we will show an end-to-end scenario – building a custom solution, integrating it into our open toolkit frame work, developing automated tests using tools like protractor, and delivering it using our custom APIs.

Meet the presenter

Jason Chong is a Software Developer at SAP on the User Assistance Infrastructure DevOps team. He has a BSc in Computer Science and an ARCT diploma in Piano Performance. He has been at SAP for three years, doing development work on SAP’s customization of the DITA Open Toolkit and SAP’s new Help Portal. His next challenge is to implement an automated testing framework for SAP’s Help Portal and DITA output formats.



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