Optimizing search: Stop playing hide and seek with your users

After getting your content into DITA and finding a way to publish it through a CMS (or not), you need to think about how your users will find the content. Most users expect to find the content they need through search – either through a major external search engine (like Google) or through your onsite search. But can your users quickly find the content they need? How do they look for it? Are the best results coming to the top? If not, what can you do to improve the relevancy of the results? What type of data will help you measure success and make improvements?

In this presentation, we’ll provide fundamental information and share specifics about how ServiceNow approached search analysis and improved the search experience for product documentation.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Publishing content isn’t enough. Users have to be able to find the information they need. Fingold and Pohs provide the details you need to create a practical search analysis and improvement plan. You’ll leave this session understanding the steps for analyzing your users’ search experience and you’ll have a list of implementation ideas so you can consistently deliver more relevant search results.

Meet the presenters

Sharon Fingold has more than 20 years of experience in content development and delivery for high tech companies. As a manager and program manager for startups and large companies, she has focused on transforming content development and delivery practices to increase efficiency and meet customer needs. As the Senior Program Manager for Documentation Delivery at ServiceNow, Sharon is currently focused on web delivery and the Information Development team’s portfolio of transformation initiatives, including SEO, site search success, analytics, and user experience.

Wendi has designed and developed taxonomy and search applications for large organizations for over 20 years. She served on content development teams for Lotus Development Corporation’s Notes/Domino and Discovery Server products, and managed Search and Taxonomy Integration for IBM’s Corporate Intranet, w3. Author of a book on knowledge management practices, she specializes in advanced semantic applications, built with an experienced practitioner’s point of view. An accomplished speaker at industry events, Wendi is a co-founder of InfoClear Consulting, a company that provides search, analytics, taxonomy integration, auto-categorization, and graph database consulting services to many large corporate clients.

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