Three Projects—One Important Lesson

This case study will look at three content management projects that proceeded in parallel and that all exemplified one very important lesson. The three projects occurred in vastly different domains—one in software, one in construction educational materials, and one in digital humanities. Despite these differences, these projects shared many common problems including pressing deadlines, budget restrictions, an over-stretched team, and daunting stakeholder expectations. And each of these projects looked for an answer in a new content management system. What is interesting about these projects is exploring where each of them found what they needed. In none of the cases did success emerge from where it was expected. When we correlate these results with others, and perhaps the experience of attendees, we can consider whether we are looking at a best practice, an important lesson about how investments in content management can have a positive impact.

Meet the presenter

Joe is the Managing Director of Gnostyx Research Inc. (, a company he founded to guide organizations in the strategic use of content technologies to achieve sustainable business benefits. A veteran implementer, he has overseen dozens of content management projects in a variety of industries and in organizations ranging in size from start-up ventures to global enterprises. He is also an experienced entrepreneur having created, managed and sold a number of businesses, underwritten and chaired several industry events, and sponsored numerous academic research initiatives. He studied literature and mathematics at Queens University, undertook his graduate studies at the University of Oxford (Masters of Philosophy), and has completed post-graduate programs in knowledge management (Royal Roads University), project management and business analysis (Carleton University), and system architecture (MIT). He blogs as the Content Philosopher ( and is currently finalizing a book about the effective and sustainable management of content and content technologies.

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