Hacking the User Experience: Actionable UX tips for improving your content

Understanding how users do their jobs and what they need to be successful isn’t exclusive to UX teams. We know that content benefits from this approach. Make it a reality and prove that your content is en fuego!

Noreault and Knapp walk through the internal paradigm shift that occurs as content teams adopt UX methodologies to transform their content. By using contextual interviews, observation, and social media engagement strategies, traditional content is transformed into customer-centric user assistance with proven benefits. Results can be measured through a series of metrics, customer research, and fewer customer support cases that translate into content that is more meaningful, relevant, and ultimately, user-centered.

What can the audience expect to learn?

  • What the dynamics of the paradigm shift include
  • How to make the shift a reality
  • How the shift becomes integral to an enterprise strategy
  • What UX methods can be employed and the benefits\advantages of each
  • How to measure results
  • How to move beyond the software or hardware release cycle for content delivery

Meet the presenters

Pam has over 20 plus years of experience in technical communications, education, and management. She specializes in content strategy, customer engagement, content conversions, and social networking strategies. She has an undergraduate degree in education from The Ohio State University and a master’s degree in English and Professional Writing from Wright State University. When not trying out new gadgets or trying to innovate in the business world, she’s hiking with her two dogs.

Tara Knapp has over 20 years’ experience as a content expert. As an Information Development Manager at ACI Worldwide, she drove broad initiatives to improve customer and content experiences. She specializes in content strategy, process optimization, product usability, and information architecture. Tara is a member of Scrum Alliance and has a MA in English from Creighton University and a MPA in Public Policy Administration from the University of Nebraska.

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