Make Your Portal Great Again: How changing technologies offer DITA driven sizzle

Content portals are the new normal. Companies and organizations are delivering more online content, and more types of online content, than ever before. But, despite its powerful and robust backend, the DITA Open Toolkit lacks a compelling, out-of-the-box, web-based presentation layer – the kind of presentation layer that is now commonplace on the web thanks to fast-changing Web applications. This presentation describes how you can use DITA, an off the shelf HTML5 template, an XML editor, and some simple open source development tools to create a rich and powerful online help portal. It will demonstrate that an effective content portal can be built cheaply and quickly and that a professional support portal with real sizzle is no longer limited to the DITA gurus or the fortune 500.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will demonstrate that DITA no longer requires a major investment to build a portal and deploy a powerful publishing framework. An effective help portal, backed up by a flexible, single-sourced authoring environment and open source tools can be had for a lot less than you think.

Meet the presenters

Steve Manning has been a technical writer, manager, DITA consultant, content management consultant, information architect, and instructor in XML and Content Management in a career spanning 30+ years. He has developed DITA and content management strategies for a wide variety of industries. He is also a contributing author of Managing Enterprise Content–First Edition and DITA 101.


Morley Tooke has over seventeen years of experience as a programmer writer, technical writer, manager, and information architect. He has spent time at Microsoft, IBM, BlackBerry, and RogueWave Software. When not hacking his way through XSL transforms or converting something into something else, he spends his time mountain biking, listening to music, and fishing.

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