Taxonomy now! Building a stress-resistant knowledge architecture in your current tools

Topic-based authoring and information typing have greatly improved product content. However, having written all those topics, doc teams need to be able to find them again. Customers, too, need to access relevant information easily. It is no good leaving granular topics dangling from a TOC tree. They need to be richly linked, so users can find the content they need and understand the big picture of the subject domain.

Taxonomy makes information findable again. Presentations inspire us with tools that manage vocabularies, deliver information intelligently, but may be beyond your budget. Can you start with your current tools? Learn how DITA Subject Schemes or even snippet-based reuse can house a future-ready knowledge model. Understand best practices for implementing and designing taxonomies. Start with a pilot, prove the potential, and grow into a full rollout that transforms customer and author experience.

What can the audience expect to learn?

You will learn how authors can use a controlled taxonomy consistently and easily, even with standard tech docs tools. You will arm yourself with techniques and approaches to build a taxonomy that’s strong enough to grow with the changing needs of your organization. And you will understand how taking findability and taxonomy seriously may require tweaks to your content structures for best results.

Meet the presenter

Joe Pairman is Lead Consultant at Mekon Ltd., helping clients from healthcare to software realize the full potential of structured content and innovative information delivery with taxonomy. Before joining Mekon, he led the implementation of a DITA XML-based component content management system at HTC, driving development of the information model, solving numerous publishing and localization challenges, and designing the support content architecture for HTC’s help app and responsive website.

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