Fearless collaboration: improvisation in theater, music, and your totally boring management meetings

You and your team have many goals. Design and implement a new workflow. Integrate a new platform. Brainstorm a new marketing campaign, product, or feature. Or, simply increase productivity. And your team’s success or failure depends on how well you can all collaborate – not only within your team, but also across divisions. Improvisation is nothing new, but its application in business management is starting to gain significant traction. Much more than just an exercise in team building, theatrical and musical improvisation is infiltrating organizational and management theory—especially as a means of fostering creativity and fearless collaboration in the workplace. Also, it’s fun.

What can the audience expect to learn?

We’ll explore the growing place of improvisation in management strategies. You’ll come away with concrete ways to work more effectively within teams and organizations.

Meet the presenter

Anthony Apodaca has worked in the US and internationally as an advocate of XML technologies, structured content, and publishing methodologies for the past ten years. He thrives in distilling complex processes, tools, and workflows into something simple and manageable, without compromising the integrity of the end product. For the past six years he has performed and taught theatrical improvisation in New York City and Seattle. He holds a BA and MA in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University and an MSt in Jewish Studies from the University of Oxford. Currently, he drives business development at Xpublisher, focusing on integrating and evolving their intuitive authoring platform, Xeditor.

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