Is your doc team stuck in the ‘90s?

Gone are the days when technical writers could “just write.” To be effective in 2017, you must be concerned about search engine optimization (SEO), content usability, and customer experience. You might need to create nontraditional deliverables like videos and blog posts. And don’t forget social media and metrics. Building a modern doc team can seem impossible if your headcount and resources are already limited. What skills do you need, and where can you find those skills?

What can the audience expect to learn?

Get real-world examples of how you can work cross-functionally to get the resources you need and how to leverage the talent you already have on your team to fill the gaps. You’ll find out how making time for things other than “just writing” will improve your teams’ value to the business and help your writers gain crucial future-proof skills.

Meet the presenters

Amy Bowman is the head of the Information Development team at ServiceNow, with writers, editors, and information architects all over the world. She has many years of experience working in DITA and maintains a passion for content that is flexible and reusable.


Lisa Hultman has over 15 years leading technical writing and training teams and over 25 years in the industry. She is currently a Senior Manager of Information Development for ServiceNow, Inc. Lisa started in DITA many years ago, excited to implement one information source for both the technical documents and the technical training solutions she managed.


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