Modelling technical content in the eXperience age

It is the age of intelligent content and user experience. You have to accompany your audience at all times and across media as they research and use your product or service. In your role as technical communicator, information architect, and designer, you have to add skills and methods to your toolkit to create rich, intelligent content for your users.

Most technical communicators are already familiar with developing personas, use-cases, and task analyses. In addition, let’s see how drawing the customers’ journey map and identifying their touchpoints with your content channels can help you discover an information model.

To deliver the right content that serves your audience where and when they need it, we can plan the main content publishing pipelines and draw the wireframes for a few publication types.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Join the presentation to discuss what intelligent content is and to experiment with a few cross-disciplinary methods, like personas, use cases, task analyses, customer journey mapping, and content channels touchpoints.

Meet the presenter

Magda Caloian (@thinkDITA) organises monthly DITA users meetups near Lake Constance, Germany and works as a Business Consultant and DITA Expert at FCT AG. Her work has a double focus: “I assist content writers and managers to discover and adopt the best author experience for their teams. At the same time, I remind writers that documentation has to be easy to find, easy to understand, easy to use.” Her 15-year experience in technical communication as Information Architect, Consultant, and DITA Trainer, along with a BA in Management, an MSc in Project Management, and tekom certification in Technical Documentation, shaped an interesting mix of expertise in structured documentation, DITA, and information systems implementation.

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