Componize DITA Treasure Hunt!

Componize will be holding a Treasure Hunt using our software. With the help of our faceted search interface and the oXygen Web Author editor, players are invited to look for clues buried in thousands of pages of DITA content. The first person to solve the puzzle will win one year of Componize-on-Demand!

What can the audience expert to learn? 

Participants will not only learn how to search for specific content in DITA, but also hands-on experience using oXygen Web Author.

Meet the presenters: Jean-Luc Borie & Frank Shipley

After years in the automotive industry as a lead software engineer, Frank Shipley worked for several years as an independent consultant and training instructor specialized in XML technologies and enterprise content management. As Co-founder and CTO, Frank leads the pioneering technical team at Componize software. His responsibilities include product innovation and development and delivering high quality services and support to our clients. He is known in the DITA world as a technology “guru”, but he would never admit to it.


As the Co-founder and CEO, Jean-Luc Borie is in charge of business development and marketing. Prior to Componize, he held different management and business development positions with software and IT services companies. He joined the Content Management industry in 2005, when he created the ECM department of Tetralogyx with Frank Shipley. The division quickly became a certified international strategic training partner for Alfresco Software. A perennial good spirit, he never shies away from a challenge.


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