Let’s Help Our Colleagues Who Refuse to Work in XML

Not all writers contributing to topic-based deliverables need to work with XML. Please step into the Technology Test Kitchen and take part in the launch of a brand new concept that allows advantages of structured writing and DITA to be available to those who just want to stick with familiar tools. Experience firsthand how writers can leverage the power of structured writing with Microsoft Word topics. The experienced tech writer can still harness all the advantages of DITA XML – even if two writers are contributing to the same deliverable.

Meet the presenters

Since 1989, Steffen Frederiksen has been working with the creation, management and distribution of structured, reusable business content (operating procedures, business policies, product information, manuals, etc.).

The work included methods, software tools, training workshops and CMS solutions. He has been part of the team managing the training of more than 200,000 writers around the globe, primarily in the financial services, pharma, and other regulated industries.

While working for Information Mapping, Steffen Frederiksen developed the concept of “object-oriented information” as well as the MOM (Mapping Object Model) XML DTDs – some of the work that the DITA standard is built on.

With the objective of bringing the power of structured content to everybody by combining the power of the DITA standard, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office, he founded DitaExchange in 2001 – and has been working here since then.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steffen-frederiksen-9254353

Soren Weimann is an implementation manager at DitaExchange with hands-on experience from several DITA and structured writing implementation on both the vendor and the customer side. He has been in content development and management for 12 years working in large corporations as well as smaller startups as a writer, an architect and a technical lead.

With a degree in pragmatic language theory and usability his main focus is on making content, information architecture as well as writing tools accessible to everyone who can benefit.

At DitaExchange he is currently managing structured writing implementations in pharma, finance and aerospace verticals.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sorenweimann

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