What DITA Users Expect from Lightweight DITA (And How We Will Deliver)

Lightweight DITA (LwDITA) is the umbrella term for a collection of solutions aimed at easing implementation by vendors and adoption by users of DITA as a language for structuring content and information. These solutions include alternative authoring formats (a simplified version of DITA XML, HTML5, and Markdown) and a template-based topic specialization mechanism. I report the findings of a survey conducted by the LwDITA subcommittee at the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS). We obtained input from 80 DITA users in active online communities. This presentation explains how user feedback becomes part of the LwDITA planned standard and also gives a progress report on the LwDITA specification and related tools and information products developed by the LwDITA subcommittee.

What can the audience expect to learn?

The audience benefits from knowing the expectations and ideas of current DITA users interested in LwDITA. Participants will also benefit from an update of an anticipated DITA-related standard.

Meet the presenter

Carlos Evia is an associate professor and director of Professional and Technical Writing at Virginia Tech, where he also conducts research for the Centers in Human-Computer Interaction and Occupational Safety and Health. He is also a member of the DITA Technical Committee and co-chair (with Michael Priestley) of the Lightweight DITA subcommittee.


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