Get started within 5 minutes: FontoXML as a Service

In this session you will get your hands on the cloud edition of FontoXML for DITA. Create, write and edit your DITA documents with the most intuitive editor on the market.

Join in, connect FontoXML to your GoogleDrive or OneDrive and experience how to start right away. Use the templates that are available and *feel* how FontoXML makes even advanced features of DITA understandable and attractive. Using FontoXML, you will realise that structured content authoring by SMEs can be done today!

And the best: after the session, you have 29 days of free trial left.

Meet the presenter

Jan Benedictus has been working in structured content since 1996. As founder of web-agency “Liones,” he has helped many publishers migrate from paper to online publishing.  In 2012 Jan founded FontoXML, web-based XML editor for non-XML experts. He and his team develop and implement structured authoring solutions for many different organizations.



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