Driving content productivity from the front of the DITA XML freight train

With XML and DITA firmly established as the underlying content architecture in Tech Pubs, it is time to bring the same benefits of reuse and flexible publishing to the rest of the enterprise. Do you see the light? Is the light you see a solution you are driving or an oncoming freight train. The light you need to see involves implementing a structured writing methodology and standards for enterprise content. You will then achieve content consistency and collaboration. You’ll enjoy the benefits of reuse and flexible publishing, when you hide the XML, hide the DITA, and let authors focus on their jobs. You can achieve enterprise success by moving to the front of the train and providing authors with the orientation, training, and tools they need to simply create great content. Your information consumers (readers) will love it and so will your CFO!

What can the audience expect to learn?

You learn how to adopt XML and/or DITA and meet the next great challenge, which is moving that important architecture to the enterprise. With a primary focus on content and a perhaps hidden focus on great technology, you can meet the goals and needs of non-technical authors in marketing, training, compliance, and more.

Meet the presenter

Doug Gorman is CEO of Simply XML. Doug has worked at the intersection of structured writing and structured mark-up for more than 25 years. While CEO of Information Mapping, he commercialized Bob Horn’s structured writing methodology and brought that facility to organizations in more than 40 countries. His focus has always been on providing information consumers (readers) with what they need to perform better while supporting organizations to modernize their content supply chains. Over the years, he has helped large commercial and government organizations to simply, easily, and cost-effectively improve. Doug has a BA in Psychology and an MS in Operations Management from MIT.


Rob Hanna is the President and Chief Information Architect at Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc. He is a professional technical communicator and leading expert in structured XML authoring, DITA, and content management. Over the course of his career, Rob has consulted to or worked for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco Systems Inc., Sun Microsystems, Xerox, Eli Lilly, Research In Motion, among others. In 2014, Rob was awarded the rank of Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and earned the Enterprise Content Management Specialist (ECMs) designation from AIIM. Rob is a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee working on the Technical Documentation Subcommittee. He is an executive member of AIIM’s First Canadian Chapter. He has served as a national director for the STC and as the vice-chairman for the STC Certification Commission.

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