Nightmare on Collaboration Street: The Horrifying Tale of How Two DITA Pros and Twenty+ Reviewers in Six Countries Were Forced To Author an ISO Standard in MS Word. (and how to fix it)

This presentation is a must for anyone with a growing need to collaborate with users outside of their core subject matter experts.

Attendees will learn about a real world extreme case of collaboration, what was required, and what went wrong. We will look at what happens when collaboration must happen between multiple departments and organizations potentially spread across the world. In these situations new barriers and pitfalls are introduced due to differences in language, tools, and methods of sharing work. Attendees will get valuable insight into navigating problems they may encounter in their own organizations as collaboration around content becomes more global and complex. Most importantly, we will provide guidance on how to fix these problems with DITA workflows and tools.

What can the audience expect to learn?

In this session, join Dr. JoAnn Hackos, OASIS DITA Technical Committee and ISO standards developer, and Casey Jordan, Jorsek, for an understanding of a new way to develop and publish standards.

Meet the presenters

JoAnn Hackos is the former President of Comtech Services, Inc. and former Director of the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) For more than 30 years, Dr. Hackos has addressed audiences internationally on subjects ranging from content management, project management, effective interfaces and information, minimal information products, usability testing, and online and Web-based information, to managing the information design and development process. She authored Information Development: Managing Your Documentation Projects, Portfolio and People (Wiley 2006), Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery (Wiley 2002), Managing Your Documentation Projects (Wiley 1994), Standards for Online Communication (Wiley 1997), User and Task Analysis for Interface Design (Wiley 1998), and Introduction to DITA (2011). JoAnn is a Fellow and Past President of the International Society for Technical Communication (STC).

Casey is the co-founder of Jorsek Software, developers of the easyDITA CMS and structured authoring platform. Casey has extensive experience developing content management, authoring, and publishing solutions which help organizations leverage the transformative benefits of structured content. He is passionate about empowering the world to better share knowledge through open standards.

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