Collaborating across the enterprise using DITA and microcontent

One of our biggest challenges to growing the adoption of DITA into other areas of our businesses is the difficulty we have with effectively sharing our high-value content. There is the seemingly endless competition with countless repositories of content. There are just too many places to put our content such as SharePoint, file shares, network drives, email, PowerPoint decks, SalesForce, and so on. What if we could transform DITA content into searchable, reusable chunks of content that others could easily find from a highly trusted source that they could paste into their PowerPoint slides, support sites, proposals, and emails? In this session, Rob Hanna explores the technology and use cases needed to support delivery of DITA as microcontent across the enterprise. He talks about how we need to change how we write and enrich our content to support microcontent using DITA.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn how applying greater rigour and process to your DITA content so it can be used as microcontent will also improve the overall usability and precision of your content. Using microcontent, you will be able to see how to extend the usefulness of your high-value structured content and help to increase the return on investment for new DITA initiatives.

Meet the presenter

Rob Hanna is the President and Chief Information Architect at Precision Content Authoring Solutions Inc. in Mississauga, Canada. He is a professional technical communicator and leading expert in structured XML authoring, DITA, and content management. Over the course of his career, Rob has consulted to or worked for Fortune 500 companies including Cisco Systems Inc., Sun Microsystems, Xerox, Eli Lilly, Research In Motion, among others. In 2014, Rob was awarded the rank of Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and earned the Enterprise Content Management Specialist (ECMs) designation from AIIM. Rob is a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee working on the Technical Documentation Subcommittee. He is an executive member of AIIM’s First Canadian Chapter. He has served as a national director for the STC and as the vice-chairman for the STC Certification Commission.

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