Let’s work together: How SASB implemented DITA and changed their corporate culture

The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board™ (SASB™) develops and disseminates industry-specific sustainability accounting standards that help public corporations disclose material, decision-useful information to investors. Because the Standards team needed to capture their research, track how it drove the standards, and publish the standards via multiple channels, SASB implemented DITA with a CMS.

Jessi Lawrence and Amber Swope worked with the SASB organization to change the culture from addressing individual team’s pain points to collaboratively designing the right solution for everyone. They leveraged their agile development approach with the content and tool development and developed tools and processes that organically adapt to the Standards team’s existing daily workflow but still solve the larger problem of disconnected processes. Not only did the project change how the content creators and publishers work; it changed their relationship with the IT team, which moved from being a support organization to truly being a service organization.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn how implementing DITA is more than an opportunity to address technical and business requirements – it’s your chance break down barriers between teams and work together. Jessi and Amber describe how implementing DITA not only changed how the content creators and publishers work, but also changed their relationship with the IT team, which moved from being a support organization to truly being a service organization.

Meet the presenters

Jessi Lawrence graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in English and a minor in Computer Science, a knockout combo for content strategy. She currently works for the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board in San Francisco as their Business Systems Analyst, architecting and managing their CMS & CCMS tools. When she’s not teaching her users information management best practices, she can be found teaching San Franciscans best practices for urban bicycling.



Amber Swope is an internationally recognized expert on the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) who specializes in helping teams develop their information architecture and implement DITA. With over 20 years of experience in the information development field and 12 years of DITA expertise, Amber helps teams design and optimize their environments to improve efficiency and reduce costs. When she’s not busy helping to change the world with XML, she can be found playing soccer, walking her puppsters, and enjoying Portland, OR.


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