DITA Online Delivery Made Easy –  Custom Docs,
Any Device, All Languages

The promise of DITA structured content is the ability to make information easily reused across documents and businesses, readily accessible in any format, and an enabler to deliver personalized user experiences.  This Oberon test kitchen will show the power of DITA realized through the dynamic delivery platform of Titania Delivery.   See how easily you can post content to multiple websites simultaneously, build custom publications, capture user feedback, and how the flexible UI environment offers control over branding, language and personalized content views, all without any IT burden.  Attend this kitchen and start cooking up greater business value from your DITA content investments.

Meet the presenter

Chris Nitchie, lead application developer for Oberon Technologies, has over 15 years’ experience in the XML publishing industry. Before joining Oberon Technologies as a product development lead, Chris was a developer for PTC on the Arbortext product line where he worked on DITA and link management-related features. He currently participates on the OASIS DITA technical committee and has been a voting member since 2009.

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