A dozen years with a Component Content Management System: Lessons learned

We review Veritas’ decade-plus experience using a CCMS to create, store, localize, and deliver content. We cover the lessons learned from the initial decision to move to a centrally managed, XML-based content set to the custom, automated system that can deliver 100+ deliverables to a variety of endpoints. We encounter the challenges faced in bringing in new product teams, with their unique requirements for output types and repositories, as well as the hurdles cleared to translate millions of topics into up to 30 languages.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Any content team considering a transition from standalone publishing tools to a CCMS will be able to see some of the implications of such a move. Teams already using a CCMS will see the benefits of providing customizations to content authoring and management as well as extending the CCMS publishing capabilities.

Meet the presenter

Austin has more than 10 years’ experience with content management systems at Symantec Corp., Veritas Tech LLC., and at medical device companies, including an enterprise-wide launch of Vasont, LiveContent, XMetaL, and Acrolinx. He has architected and developed automated systems around content management systems for automated building and delivery of outputs and localized content. He also has expertise in developing style sheets in both DITA and DocBook. Austin is an avid surfer.

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