Formatting Languages Is Easy As Pie With DITA-OT and PDF5(-ML Plugin)!

Join us in the Technology Test Kitchen and we will show you how quick and easy it is to publish multilingual documents, just like baking a tasty pie! We will demonstrate how to format multiple languages in a single DITA document with the Antenna House PDF5-ML Plugin for DITA Open Toolkit. The result is a powerful yet simple method of customizing PDF output from DITA. We will show how specific language formatting can be automatically generated by simply modifying external style definition files so you can focus more attention on writing your DITA content.

What will attendees need to bring?

All you need to bring is a Windows based laptop. We will supply a custom flash drive with all the tools needed for the Technology Test Kitchen.

Meet the Chefs

Celina Huang is a Sales & Marketing Specialist at Antenna House, Inc. She’s been working with XML-based products for eight years and creatively promotes them to the global market. She holds a BS in Marketing and International Business from University of Delaware.




Wybens Titus is an Account Executive for Antenna House, Inc., a leader in the field of document formatting and conversion. He has experience managing several next generation software products and specializes in XML related technologies.



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