Structured Publishing: The journey to a user-centric solution

Identify a content management product that would provide a robust solution for organizing, editing, maintaining and publishing operational and procedural manuals while using a familiar interface for users. Implement the solution with the least amount of interruption to users and work within prescribed business timelines as well as industry related security constraints.

Our structured publishing product had to encompass the following:

  • Have familiar and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to simultaneously update multiple sections within a manual
  • Contain a workflow engine to define task timelines and owners
  • Publish manuals in various PDF and HTML versions
  • Create one consistent format and styling for all manuals
  • Allow for content reuse and cross-reference
  • Provide role based access

We reviewed a number of dynamic publishing systems. Ultimately, Alfresco offered us a “3 in 1” solution (Alfresco/Componize/Content Mapper) that provided complete XML topic-based content management that enables consistency, reuse, conditional publishing, separation of content and styling and the ability to publish the content in several different formats. Most importantly, this made it easier for users to adopt XML authoring quickly by using the Microsoft Word-based interface called Content Mapper. Overall this allowed automated publishing of versioned and controlled manuals as PDFs and web-based manuals.

As mentioned above, the implementation process needed to be completed with the least amount of interruption to users and work within proscribed business timelines as well as meet industry-related security constraints. We worked with our consultant (Zia Consulting) to formulate a style sheet for the import of the manuals from traditional Word documents into the tool and set up sites (repositories) for each manual and assigned users and roles. We collaborated with the manual owners and authors to import the manuals into the tool in accordance with their prescribed business timelines. Utilizing materials provided by our consultant, we created hands-on training as well as a user guide.

What can the audience expect to learn?

We’ll share our challenges and successes in implementing the project and how we were able to move our organization into editing and publishing consistent content in multiple formats to our website.

Meet the presenters

Diane Antonelli is a Senior Analyst in Business Planning and Support at PJM Interconnection. Utilizing her strong process driven skills and electric industry background, she facilitates internal tariff compliance requirements as well as the internal Quality Assurance Committee meetings. Ms. Antonelli manages and administers the process to revise to the company’s controlled documents which include policies, procedures, standards and manuals. She was an integral part of the team that implemented the Structured Publishing solution and manages the use of the tool as well as training. Diane holds a BA in History from Hartwick College and resides in Lansdale, PA with her husband and daughter.


Lana Javakov is a Senior User Experience Designer and has been with PJM Interconnection since 2007. She specializes in user-centric research and design and understands how technology can effectively support business and user goals. Over the years, she has successfully implemented significant process and product improvements within the organization, one of them includes implementing structured publishing solution for company’s procedural manuals. She holds a Master of Science in Information Systems from Penn State University and resides in Huntingdon Valley, PA with her husband and children.

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