Working in DITA without the knowledge of DITA – a better way!

A key deterrent to DITA adoption has long been the inability to bring non-technical writers into the content production workflow.  In particular, Subject Matter Experts, marketing, sales, and other personnel within the organization need to contribute or review the structured content without becoming DITA experts.

The XDocs Contributor module in version 5.1 was specifically designed with non-technical writers in mind to make a seamless DITA content experience.  The focus of the Contributor is entirely on content creation and review and to make the underlying XML transparent.

During this test kitchen, Bluestream will demonstrate the ability for casual contributors (SMEs, Marketing, Engineering, Sales) to easily create new content or review existing DITA content within the web environment. These personnel can now participate in the DITA workflow for a seamless content creation process.  Requiring no knowledge of DITA means there is little-to-no necessary training or software installation.

Meet the Chef

Nenad Furtula

Nenad Furtula
 is partner and a VP of Sales and Marketing at Bluestream Database Software.  Nenad has been working with XML and bringing XML related products to market for over 15 years.   Currently his primary professional interest lies in building and socializing a DITA-enabled component content management system called XDocs.  Nenad holds a BBA from Capillano University and MSc (Computer Science) from Dalhousie University.



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