Developing empathy for your audience with design thinking

The key to great design, and great content, is empathy for the audience–but not just any audience, your audience. Getting to know your audience and what their goals are allows you to design a content model that meets them where they are and then gets them to where they need to be. And how you develop that empathy is with Design Thinking, a human-first approach to problem finding and problem solving. It gives you a framework to work within so you can travel from knowing who your audience is to understanding what motivates them and finally to designing, with empathy, an experience that meets their needs. So, whether you’re embarking on a chat bot adventure or migrating existing content to DITA, you can use Design Thinking to develop empathy for your audience and deliver the best experience for them AND for you!

What can the audience expect to learn?

Join Angela to explore the basic tools and ideas of the Design Thinking methodology. We’ll look at how you can create and use empathy maps to gain a deeper understanding of your audience. We’ll also explore personas and how you can use them in your daily work, no matter the size of your project.

Meet the presenter

Angela Browne is a Design Thinker and Information Architect in the User Assistance group at SAP SuccessFactors. With almost two decades of experience as a technical communicator, Angela has spent the past 7 years focused on cloud products and working on innovative approaches to the enablement of internal, partner, and customer ecosystems. Her role has been pivotal in moving organizations from PDF-based guides to multi-channel, DITA-based content. Most recently, she’s been driving a content transformation project to support conversational user interfaces.

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