Unified Portals: The future home of tech docs

Organizations everywhere are planning and deploying Unified Portals to deliver enhanced customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. At the heart of these projects you’ll find technical documentation and DITA.

Unified Portals break down content silos, and bring together disparate parts of your organization (e.g. technical documentation) to revolutionize how content is stored, shared, and distributed throughout the organization—and beyond.

This session will define the main characteristics of a Unified Portal and the core requirements for success. Attendees will also be provided with a worksheet that they can utilize to evaluate and plan for a Unified Portal.

In this session, attendees will gain a clear understanding of the following:

• Different types of Unified Portals
• Key use cases and real-world examples of Unified Portals in action
• Core business drivers for success—and how to secure them
• How DITA plays a role
• Actionable take-aways for how to get started, including a comprehensive worksheet to jump start your strategy

What can the audience expect to learn?

A lot goes into creating a successful Unified Content Portal. By bringing together disparate parts of your organization (e.g. technical documentation, training information, and support documentation) and breaking down content silos, organizations can revolutionize how content is stored, shared, and distributed throughout their organization—and beyond.

By breaking down these content silos, organizations are gaining a competitive advantage and streamlining internal processes. We’ll show them how to achieve this in our session.

Meet the presenters

Jim Edmunds is the founder and CEO of Ingeniux Corporation a leading provider of digital content management software. Ingeniux software is used by organizations around the world to create and manage websites, communities and enterprise knowledge. The company was founded in 2000 to create innovative tools for managing and delivering content for the emerging digital marketplace.

Jim possesses a unique background in technology, publishing and entertainment. He has worked as an independent filmmaker, digital media producer, video game producer and senior technology manager. Prior to starting Ingeniux he held leadership positions at Electronic Arts and Microsoft MSNBC.

When not talking about content management, you may find Jim craft vintning a new wine varietal. Ask him about his new CMS (Cab, Merlot, Syrah) Meritage.

Andrew Douglas is a Regional Sales Director for Ingeniux.  Andrew has worked with Publishing and Ecommerce solutions for twenty years that have a focus on system integration and structured content.  He has been instrumental in developing sales and marketing that have exposed the unique capabilities that Ingeniux delivers in this area.  His work has resulted in the adoption of Ingeniux by many world leading organizations.  In his spare time Andrew has a deep love for live music from all genres.


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