Converting to DITA: Being agile enough to do it

PAREXEL had 2,950 topics and 85 maps that needed to be broken down and converted into DITA, all while maintaining three concurrent release development code lines. Our content was already loosely topic based, however it was only formatted in basic HTML through the use of the Daisy CMS. This CMS contained fragmented information that was not logically grouped, and therefore did not present an opportunity for programmatic conversion. The goal was to migrate the content into DITA and into a new CMS, all with minimal resources and a tight timeline.

We used the Agile process to estimate the work, train a team of junior technical writing contractors in DITA, and convert the documentation to well-formed DITA within six months. Utilizing the workflow of the CMS in conjunction with an Agile tool, we were able to convert an additional code line for each of our eleven products, all while still maintaining the original delivery date.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn how PAREXEL used the Agile process to estimate the work, create a workflow, and track the progress of the DITA conversion. Using an Agile development tool allowed us to expose the impact of the project to a larger set of stakeholders.

Meet the presenter

Derek Fess has been involved in structured authoring for more than ten years. He has led two companies through a DITA conversion, using tools such as oXygen and Xmetal, as well as the Ixiasoft and SDL CCMS’s.



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