Planning for dynamic delivery to personalize your customer experience

Customers are looking for more precise content contextual to their needs. Even with the adoption of topic-based authoring, methods can be monolithic and won’t survive into the next decade. Tools and methodologies are changing to scale for vast increases of micro content including multiple languages for global audiences. Discover what the minimum ingredients are for survival in terms of tools, workflows and content strategies.

The challenge facing us is that traditional methods of delivery of product content cannot scale to meet the demands of today’s markets. Through mergers, acquisitions or major shifts in market demands, you will inevitably be producing product content tailored to your customer needs.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Learn about the constraints of traditional authoring and publishing that prevent adequate scalability to meet dynamic delivery requirements; How new techniques in authoring, taxonomies and delivery will inevitably result in supporting a dynamic customer experience; What type of internal content lifecycle management is required to meet the demands of today’s intelligent, structured content; and Why it is essential to implement component content management simultaneously with a migration to DITA and automation.

Meet the presenter

Chip Gettinger is VP Global Solutions Consulting, SDL, managing a team who work with SDL customers in maximizing global content with SDL technologies. Chip has over 20 years’ experience in global content strategies, publishing, business consulting, strategy, coaching and component content management systems. He speaks and blogs about adoption working closely with industry organizations, partners and customers in technology solutions and deployments.

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