Structured Authoring: One company’s journey from theory to practice

Making the decision to switch to a structured authoring system requires both corporate buy-in from an investment perspective and user buy-in to follow processes to maximize reuse. This session will share one company’s experience in navigating the Structured Authoring landscape over a period of more than 25 years. From an early beginning of implementing SGML to meet customer requirements to adopting S1000D and eventually transitioning to DITA, the presenters will share data and anecdotes that highlight both the challenges and the rewards of making the switch.

What can the audience expect to learn?

With the presenters’ combined 43 years of experience in developing technical data, many of that in structured authoring, session attendees can expect to gain insight into the process to develop trade studies, evaluate tools, train employees, and present structured authoring concepts to management. The presenters will share anecdotes as well as pros and cons that will empower attendees to make informed decisions and recommendations for their respective companies.

Meet the presenters

Julie Harrison is a 35-year employee of Harris Corporation who has been using structured authoring tools since 1991. Julie’s experience in this area is vast as she has transitioned from SGML to S1000D to DITA.




Loren Rutulante is an 8-year employee of Harris Corporation who has been authoring technical manuals using DITA since July 2015. Loren leads a team of eight writers who also use DITA for technical manual production.



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