When perfect is the enemy of good enough—Grassroots efforts to replace your content strategy

Come along on a 16 month journey of content strategy and team rebuilding. Our company’s story is similar to so many others in corporate America. Once we were successful and leading the market. A 100 years into our work, we stopped leading and became content, “doing what we have always done.” This mindset led us to a point where the company had to re-invent itself and what it meant to its customers. Starting and ending with a brand new content team, content strategy and publishing process, we are here today to share our journey and explore our path from complete loss and temporary fixes to finding the right talent, solutions, and a new heart beat for our content strategy and processes.

As we worked through the challenges of the transformation, we had to strive to make forward progress. Aiming for perfection before we tried something meant we would never learn how to fail forward, fast. We had to find ways to reassure both perfectionists and change resistors that we were doing the right thing for our customers. Our story weaves techniques for addressing this issue with many other key best practices you can apply to your own transformation.

What can the audience expect to learn?

  • Discover methods how content strategy and publishing processes can be brought into the 21st century without spending all your budget on tools and technology
  • Receive a list of ideas of cost effective pre-publication testing and why should you do it

Meet the presenters

Nikoletta (Niki) Vecsei Harrold is the Director of Communities Strategy focusing on Social Media Marketing, Social Customer Care and Community building at Transamerica. She has over 5 years experience in driving customer focused digital innovation with enterprise level and start-up companies alike. Originally from Europe, her decade long tenure in digital marketing spans across 2 continents and several industries including tech, retail and financial services. An avid advocate for breaking down collaboration silos to enhance customer experiences and connecting people with content, she blogs regularly on LinkedIn or her website: www.contentpotluck.com

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