Transitioning to DITA—A team case study

KEEP walking the walk, ONE step at a time! – Joyce Meyer

As the saying goes, ROME indeed was not built in a day, because Rome was more than a collection of buildings.

All remarkable things take time. It all starts with developing a best practice of taking a small step for lasting changes. The best practices that I followed to overcome the challenge of implementing DITA CCMS in my team are:

  • Adopt the change.
  • Learn and Share.
  • Develop a Strategy.

My case study will narrate the DITA Journey of my team after the DITA CCMS implementation, when the entire team is on board, using the system as intended, creating projects and migrating old content.

What can the audience expect to learn?

This presentation will briefly cover the following and benefit users looking for best practices to migrate content successfully after the DITA CCMS implementation:

  • Background
  • Before and After—DITA adoption
  • Lessons Learned

Meet the presenter

Priya Kunasekaran is an Information Developer with a Bachelor of Engineering degree specialized in Electronics and communication, and have more than 13 years of experience in technical writing and documentation. This includes development of various deliverables like User manual, Online Help, Administrative Guide, Installation Guide, Application Report, Datasheet, and Maintenance manual.

She is currently working as Staff Information Developer at Arm, based in Bangalore, India.

Specialties: Content Strategy, Project Planning and Scoping, Structured Content, CCMS, and trainings.

Tools: Proficient with a wide variety of industry standard content-creation tools and content management systems and version control including: Acrobat, oXygen XML, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Visio, Notepad ++ , SnagIt, Confluence Wiki, JIRA, DITA, and IXIASOFT CMS.

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