Case Study: A journey to unified content strategy and delivery

In this session, learn how the Ellucian team implemented an enhanced digital platform that transforms the way technical content is delivered to and consumed by Ellucian customers. As part of a unified content strategy, this cloud-based solution supports a variety of content types such as DITA, Markdown and API documentation, as well as the automation of related links across the documentation set and other content silos – all based on taxonomy and business rules. Ellucian restricts access to content based on user profile and elevates the customer experience, while optimizing internal processes. You will learn about our experience with the technologies and processes involved on the journey, and we will demystify some of these concepts as we share our experience with you.

What can the audience expect to learn?

Participants will get the real story about what it takes to:

  • develop a unified content strategy and get buy-in at the upper management level
  • implement a content delivery platform that would serve that strategy and provide better customer experience
  • support a variety of different content types in the same portal: DITA, Markdown, API documentation
  • implement a taxonomy and business rules for content entitlements, and the automation of related links across different types of documentation coming into the doc portal
  • bridge silos into a single pane of glass, bringing related content from other sources

Meet the presenters

Tabitha MacGowan is Director of Information Development at Ellucian, where she leads and is supported by a team that spans the globe. She has over twenty years of experience developing and managing technical communications for software companies. She has spent her entire career developing content strategy (although she wouldn’t have called it that until recently) by consistently looking for ways to improve the content user experience and evolve the people, processes, and tools that support it. She relishes the feeling that comes with making a positive difference, however small. Tabitha holds a professional writing degree from Baylor University.

For the last fifteen years, Hannan Saltzman has served in executive R&D and product positions, focused on defining and building market leading products. In his last role, Hannan served as a senior product manager in NICE Systems, helping large financial institutions identify compliance risks in mass amounts of unstructured customer communications by applying speech, text ,and transactional analytics. Prior to that, Hannan led NICE’s Situation Management solution to being the global market leader, helping large enterprises improve operations by optimizing knowledge delivery and response workflows. At Zoomin, Hannan and his team develop innovative products that help organizations reduce customer effort by providing personalized and consistent product information across customer touchpoints.

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